Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Big Brother Says.....

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Apparently today, life in the United States is one crisis after another. One week its the economy, the next the Swine Flu (oops, I meant H1n1/CP3O/R2D2), after that its unemployment and then in the Fall I hear that its going to be swine flu, bigger and badder then it was this time around. (Sorry pork farmers, but I will have people know that swine flu isnt transmitted by eating pork.)

Our government doesn't seem to have a problem keeping us worried either it would seem. The politics of fear have become rampant in our country. What happened to optimism? No idea. Our president told us the sky would fall if we didn't have the second stimulus. It hasn't fallen and neither has the stimulus worked. We've been told we cant allow companies to fail so tax payers were forced to give them money and we have Automobile companies filing for bankruptcy. Guess that didn't work either. Then we have government connected Unions and activist groups giving bus tours to the homes of AIG executives, who EARNED their bonuses, to harass them and their families. Not to mention that our beloved congress decided to tax them 90% of the bonuses they EARNED by CONTRACT. Just for the sake of me attacking both sides of the aisle, members of congress were told by the Office of the Treasury, during the Bush administration, that if they didn't pass the 1st stimulus that martial law would be declared. Fear and Fear mongering is running rampant in the executive levels of government and every where else these days. Our country has been through a lot worse....

If we turn back to our roots, we can be successful. Let markets determine the prices of goods and services. Lets focus on the small business owner instead of the huge corporations. Let's band together as American regardless of race, sex or creed and find a solution to the economic problem. Let' band together and eliminate the problems of run away courts, that legislate law instead doing what they are supposed to do. Let's force politicians to accept a 1, 6 year term limit, at the federal, state and local levels. There are may more of us then then are of career politicians. Lets put our neighbors in office, people we know, to solve the problems we experience. Lets band together with positive objectives in mind and take back the government that has become the government of the politicians, by the politicians, for the politicians.

As Americans, we have that power, we have to find a way to mobilize it, and to focus it, then to implement it.

On a positive note, I am now working with a few people to bring some more flavor to the blog, as far as viewpoints and topics. I am also considering going to a pre-recorded radio show type of format.
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