Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Fascism and National Socialism. One and the Same and Both of the Left

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Long time coming, this little topic. We have all been taught that during World War 2 Democracy teamed up with Communism to defeat a dangerous enemy in National Socialism and Fascism. We have all been taught that both National Socialism and Fascism of ideologies of the right. Has anyone ever wondered why both Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy both had complete control of their nation's economies? Has anyone ever wondered how Mussolini, a stalwart Socialist, became a fascist? What about Adolph Hitler, with his belief that corporations should bend to the will of government? Were both these men of the right of the political spectrum? Or were both men's visions just different flavors of of Karl Marx's ideas?

A real good way to find answers to these questions is to go to Barnes and Noble or the bookstore of your choice and find a book titled, "Liberal Fascism" by Los Angeles Times Columnist, Jonah Goldberg. He offers excellent insights and evidence on both men and their respective movements. He is able to link both groups to the left of the political spectrum. Goldberg even delves into the meaning of the words themselves because scholars and old Soviet propaganda, have dictated for decades that both movements were of the far right. He does an excellent job of disproving of old teachings and also shows us that the United States may be heading headlong down the paths where both of these men trod.

So folks, go on down to the bookstore and get it ordered, or use the link here to go to Amazon. It has really opened some eyes including my own. It is a good read and will help all those who read it to better understand what is happening in our country.

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