Thursday, October 8, 2009

Czars Wars Episode 2: Mark Lloyd, FCC Diversity Czar

Mark Lloyd, Diversity Czar. Here is some rhetoric from Mr. Lloyd from the National Conference on Media Reform in 2008:

So we have a "diversity" Czar who thinks Hugo Chavez is a great guy, and thinks that it is great that Chavez has a strangle hold on the news media within Venezuela. Mr. Lloyd makes it clear that he supports an avowed communist's policies towards the news media.

Mr. Lloyd also has several connections throughout the United States in the academia and through the organization The Free Press. One of which is Robert McChesney, a self avowed Marxist, according to the Glenn Beck Program. Mr. McChesney's website summary says:

" From 2000 to 2004 he served as co-editor of Monthly — the independent socialist magazine (my emphasis) founded by Paul Sweezy and Leo Huberman in 1949."

Mr. McChesney also is a co-founder of Freepress, a organization dedicated to:

"...working to foster public policies that promote media diversity, strengthen laws and regulations to support minority ownership, eliminate institutional biases in media content, and ensure fair and accurate representation for all communities."

Last I checked anyone with enough capital can start their own news service. I haven't spend any money on the Patriot Perspective and I have close to 160 followers now as a result of expanding this blog to free community services such as Twitter and Facebook. One of these days, if I and my contributors feel as if it would be worth it we may try to put some capital into this project of ours. The point is opportunities are out there and media tycoons aren't made overnight.

On the Glenn Beck Program, guest Seton Motley has the following to say about Robert McChesney and Mark Lloyd:

"Robert McChesney is an avowed Marxist. So when he founded an organization (The Free Press) predicated on tenets regarding Marxism and then they start having large influence and holding great sway in the development of policy for the Obama administration, I believe one should care about what McChesney has to say."

He goes on to say:

"McChesney has a very distorted view of the first amendment. He views the media marketplace in the same way that Mark Lloyd, the chief diversity officer... at the FCC views the media marketplace, meaning he doesn't like any private ownership of media. His quote with regard to the First Amendment is a little disturbing. To the extent commercial activities are given First Amendment protection, it makes the rule of capitalism look increasingly off in the political debate and government regulation. In my view progressives need to stake out a "Democratic," remember how Lloyd used "Democratic" to describe Chavez's revolution interpretation of the First Amendment and do direct battle with the Orwellian implications of the ACLU's commercialized First Amendment. So when you are to the left of the ACLU, how far from the path have you strayed?

Good question I think. Motley goes on to explain that:

"Every time they say Democratic, think Marxist because that's what they mean.... don't forget, at the FCC when Commissioner Michael Copps was acting chairman awaiting the confirmation of Genachowski, he started a notice of inquiry which is the first step in a notice of rule making at the FCC.... They want to look at top to bottom the business of radio and television and print journalism and how the government can probably play a greater role in making it into our "Democratic" process.

So the process has started it seems. Beck then makes a comment that the FCC is now looking into making regulations to protect people from "unscrupulous bloggers" Motley replies:

"Yes, that's the view that McChesney has, that Mark Lloyd has, that all of these people have, that you can't decide for yourself. You can't look at the landscape and pick and choose what you believe, what you think, what you see as true. They're going to do the choosing for you. And that's where when you start regulating bloggers, your next step is net neutrality then your next step is regulate the entire Internet...."

So we have Mark Lloyd (Diversity Czar, Hugo Chavez sympathizer), Robert McChesney (Free Press co-founder and former Marxist nmagazine editor) and Mark Lloyd's boss, Julius Genachowski (employs former free press Jen Howard as his press secretary and also a Hugo Chavez sympathizer) favor shutting down and breaking up several news agencies, independent journalist and bloggers in the name of diversity.

Never before in the history of the world has news been more plentiful. Thanks to the Internet, television, radio and printed publications a person can virtually have whatever information they are looking for at a moments notice. The current administration wants to put a strangle hold on information by nationalizing the news media outlets of the country by making them more diverse, and by diverse they mean anything that does not agree with their agenda.

As Americans, it is our duty to write, email, and visit your congressional representatives and all of your elected officials. The type of people exposed above have no business trying, "to fundamentally change America." Yet that is exactly what we are allowing them to do.

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