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Manbearpig out of the bag - I'm super serial!

For those late to the party, the Climate Research Unit of the University of East Anglia was hacked a few days ago by some unknown Russians. A large datadump hit the internet very soon after, which included some 60mb composed mostly of text files - including a huge number of emails between Anthropogenic Global Warming proponent "scientists". Many of the emails between the "scientists" were instructions and suggestions to other scientists to hide or otherwise obfuscate data, outright lie, delete dissenting information, and paint an all-around picture of AGW proponents as simply manufacturing data to support their frenetic quest.

Many snippets of the emails with links and summaries here:

Often referenced in the East Anglia emails and data is Michael Mann. Michael Mann is the individual responsible for the so-called "hockey stick" graph used in Al Gore's propaganda film "An Inconvenient Truth".

Which, naturally, was in large part fabricated.
Among the complaints and concerns were that the data (much involving tree ring samples) was not shared or objectively reviewed. No one outside the priesthood of global warming was allowed access to the data, and heretics were actively squelched. Furthermore, their efforts at doing real research were stymied as the criterion for "peer review" were modified.

The short version: you need to be peer-reviewed to be viewed as a reputable scientist. So in order to prevent reputable arguments against global warming canon, heretics were simply denied peer review. Ta-da! No more "reputable" scientists coming out against global warming... even though some 35,000 have signed petitions against it.

See how easy it is to make it look settled when you simply control the data?
From the AGW site: More specifically, 97% of climate scientists actively publishing climate papers endorse the consensus position.

With no recognition from the church of global warming, dissenters were all heretics spouting apocrypha. And of course, as the data is shown to be manufactured, it's very easy to dispute.

Now I'll do it:

All scientists are opponents of anthropogenic global warming. And in order for any counterclaim to be reputable and worthy of consideration by science, you'll have to be published in a peer-reviewed professional blog. Namely this one. See how easy it is to manufacture consensus?

The myriad of individuals showing up in the datadump also get more interesting as time goes by:


All of this would be simply entertaining academic infighting were it mathematicians bickering over solving Fermat's Theorem.

But how it applies to all of us out here in the non-academic world is that right now there are international discussions about Cap & Trade and Carbon Tax. The idea behind those is that governments regulate the amount of carbon emissions that individuals can put out. That's how much you breathe, how much you burn, how much your business emits. If you accept the fallacy that carbon dioxide is a bad thing, it starts to sound like a good idea.
Some of the facts are that carbon dioxide levels rise after temperature increases. And plants need it to breathe.

The sun influences global temperatures much more than does the amount of CO2 that humans put into the atmosphere, and the recent solar cycles have been of notice to both those who follow climate (and aren't blinded by their orthodox theology) and those who are concerned about the solar ebb for the last few years.

But the most important words were two paragraphs ago: governments regulate.

The idea is that governments must control the amount of CO2 produced. AGW theory supposes that all CO2 is bad, and therefore must be controlled. This gives governments a new control mechanism, all "for our own good." It is one where if governments don't begin to act in a dictatorial fashion, we will all die, and thus those powerful men in government know best for us, and they know they must act - even against us - for we are too stupid to see the truth that they must lead us.

Reread genocidal maniac Holdren's email. I'll wait.

AGW theory creates a zero-sum game for the world, and creates a system by which global government, whether through treaties or outright, is created in order to "save the world". The do-gooder intentions of those masters of men then becomes to "save us" from their fabricated crisis. In order to not have great sections of the world simply revolt - i.e. developing nations - they establish global carbon credits, by which poorer developing nations are simply paid to halt their development. They're given unearned riches and wealth simply for being poor, while their development of their people is retarded, but certainly rewarded for their rulers.

The global carbon credit market will also benefit those businesses (like GE), who are the first in bed with government. This is why GE has been conducting such propaganda scams as "Green Week" on NBC, and why GE is now producing the CFL light bulbs (in China, of course) that the US govt. has mandated for us.

Were this about saving the environment, everyone would get behind it. Why? Because it's good sense. If it weren't about handing over govt. power, people would go out of their way to do more environmentally friendly activities in their daily lives - people bend over backwards to recycle.

(It is economical and ecologically friendly in the case of metals, but that's about it.)

People want more fuel-efficient cars because it's cheaper. Everyone wants more energy-efficient homes because they cost less in the long run. Everyone wants to pay less and use less (it leaves more for other things), and a lot of people are willing to go the extra mile to keep Iron Eyes Cody from crying (even if he wasn't a Native American and was a fraud).

If the science were actually discussed (rather than hushed up) and we didn't simply tolerate the lie spouted by modern-day orthodox druids who advocate Malthusian exterminations, forced abortions, and sterilization to "save the planet", and we didn't put up with the propaganda spouted by a company that serves to make millions from our tax dollars, this would be an important issue. Right now, it's an eggregious example of science, government, and business collaborating to force things upon not only citizens of the US, but of the entire world.
For one parallel example, right now, we put up with things like ethanol, which cost 3 gallons of petrochemicals to produce 4 gallons of ethanol, plus the added economic and environmental cost of further refinement and production, at a return of 10% or less gas mileage and with added damage to automotive components. Thus, it destroys cars which take more economic and environmental assets to maintain, and it pollutes at a higher rate due to the loss of gas mileage. There's also the loss of food production, both in sweet corn and in feed corn.

The local government stooges benefit by reelection by bribing their constituents at the expense of the nation, the constituents and their businesses in bed with the govt benefit from having the force of government behind the government mandated sale of their product, and environmentalists get to claim victory and advance politically, even though they do so detrimentally to the planet. The winners are the conspirators. The losers are everyone else.

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