Sunday, December 6, 2009

Manbearpig vs. Sooners

Manbearpig cultists and profiteers who've made their academic careers based on grants they receive by issuing chicken little warnings, and the Al Goreans who are already investing in the "carbon credit" market of artificial currency are busily assaulting those who've called East Anglia on their bogus non-science.

Even (Un)Scientific American is getting in on the advocacy journalism:

With all the "hot air" surrounding climate change discussions, none has been hotter in recent weeks than that spewed over a trove of stolen e-mails and computer code from the Climatic Research Unit (CRU) at the University of East Anglia in England. Longstanding contrarians, such as Sen. James Inhofe (R–Okla.), who famously dubbed climate change a "hoax" in a 2003 speech, has pointed to the stolen e-mails as information that overturns the scientific evidence for global warming and called on U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Lisa Jackson to halt any development of regulation of greenhouse gases pending his investigation into the e-mails.

Now, there's something hidden in there that most folks outside of the central United States won't notice. Senator James Inhofe is from Oklahoma. A coworker from Oklahoma pointed out to me some time ago that global warming is simply ignored there. Anyone going on about global warming is treated much the same as someone who insists the moon is made of green cheese or that Lord of the Rings is real. They're simply dismissed as harmless, deluded, and as though they are "slow" children.


The Dust Bowl.

People in Oklahoma have, within living memory of their elders, seen their state obliterated by heat and turned into a desert overrun with locusts and jackrabbits. A major climactic shift took place there. The same holds true for parts of Kansas, Nebraska, and a few other swaths of the great plains.

They've seen natural climate change. While some types of farming practices contributed to the Dust Bowl, its existence didn't come solely from a relatively tiny population of farmers (relative to the landmass) with mules and plows, or even the few tractors, scarring the landscape.

It came from devastating drought.

There are such things as climactic shifts. They exist. Using better farming techniques and greater irrigation can and has lessened the impact of the smaller droughts since the Dust Bowl. But those whose state heritage is one of having lived through such a climactic shift are a lot more difficult to fool, especially when the statist/liberal fascist who knows what's best for us all is willing to lie to us and trick us in order to get their way.

Nor has the fundamental physics of the greenhouse effect changed: CO2 in the atmosphere continues to trap heat that would otherwise slip into space, as was established by Irish scientist John Tyndall in 1859. "There is a natural greenhouse effect, that's what keeps the planet livable," noted climate modeler Gavin Schmidt of the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS) during a Friday conference call with reporters organized by the Center for American Progress, a liberal think tank. "Without it, we'd be 33 degrees Celsius colder than we are. That's been known for hundreds of years."

It's a good thing that the leftist advocacy groups haven't seized on medical science from the Civil War era, like they have on climate science. Well, except for rationing and triage for soldiers. But I digress...

Were it not for the natural greenhouse gases, the earth would be a lifeless ball of rock, according to the chosen scientists in a conference call with the Center for American Progress...

The Center For American Progress

The Center for American Progress (CAP) describes itself as "a nonpartisan research and educational institute" aimed at "developing a long-term vision of a progressive America" and "providing a forum to generate new progressive ideas and policy proposals."

Robert Dreyfuss reports in the March 1, 2004 edition of The Nation: "The idea for the Center began with discussions in 2002 between [Morton] Halperin and George Soros, the billionaire investor. … Halperin, who heads the office of Soros' Open Society Institute, brought [former Clinton chief of staff John] Podesta into the discussion, and beginning in late 2002 Halperin and Podesta circulated a series of papers to funders."
An April 2009 CAP report stated that the United States had a moral obligation to spend massive amounts of money to help poorer nations deal with the effects of the "global warming" that allegedly was being caused by industrialized nations like the U.S.


Suppose their self-appointed position as a global moderator to push for redistribution of wealth has anything to do with this?

Or perhaps the impetus of global-warmers to stop American growth and natural resource development has other reasons?

One example maybe has something to do with the $10,000,000,000 of US taxpayer money sent to Brazil to fund offshore oil drilling in their coastal waters? Perhaps because grifter George Soros, who funded Center for American Progress, is getting that $10,000,000,000 into his pocket.

He and his leftist cronies force guilt on everyone, then they cash in when idiot leftist politicians start handing them money. They lie and tell us the world will die because of our cars and our prosperity, and they set themselves up as the recipients of the carbon indulgences we're forced to buy, and the payoffs for guilt that our politicians submit to.

Oklahomans can see it's bullshit. How about the rest of us open our eyes?

Or should we listen to Michael Mann and Scientific American explain to us how things like the trick to hide the decline is really scientific jargon that us stupid rubes from flyover states can't understand?

In fact, nothing in the stolen e-mails or computer code undermines in any way the scientific consensus—which exists among scientific publications as well as scientists—that climate change is happening and humans are the cause.

For example, the word "trick" in one message, which has been cited as evidence that a conspiracy is afoot, is actually being used to describe a mathematical approach to reconciling observed temperatures with stand-in data inferred from tree ring measurements.

Sea levels may or may not be rising, but the level of bullshit coming out of global warming advocates who pretend to be scientists sure is.

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