Thursday, January 7, 2010

Google Is...

Christianity is bullshit.
Judaism is false.
Buddhism is wrong.
Hinduism is not a religion.

Islam is ________.

From "Blameitonthevoices".
Also posted at Jawa Report.

Check their links - they found it & disseminated it.

Then try it yourself. Just typed them in as of about 2130 CST 1/7/2010. These are screenshots I took just a few minutes before posting.

Islam is false, not a religion, and bullshit. See if you can find that, Google. Islam is good, peaceful, benevolent, and is not supportive of terrorism. Still nothing?

For a corporate motto that goes "Don't be evil," Google sure was okay with suppressing info about the Tiennamen Square Massacre, Climategate, and now Islam. Not just criticisms of Islam - stuff like: Islam is the cause for a huge amount of the world's terrorism, Islam is Bullshit, but also that Islam is Submission (factually correct), Islam is one of the world's major religions, or even that Islam is not Bullshit or Islam is a Religion of Peace or even Islam is Good. Positive sites about Islam are left out of the suggestions, too.

Nope, no suggestions whatsoever - except for the glaring contrast of other major religions.

Although, to be fair, typing in "Mohammed is" comes back with suggestions "a false prophet" and "the antichrist". The worst responses for "Jesus is", by contrast, come back with "my homeboy" and "just alright".
"Buddha is" comes back with a suggestion that seems like a koan.
Edited to add:
A commenter on Jawa noted that "the koran is" prompts some interesting responses. So before that's sanitized:
No "religionist Xs are" comes up with a response. "Christians are", "muslims are" come up with no suggestions. The reason for this is because "jews are" used to come up with some decidedly negative suggestions. Note that Google has had a problem with anti-semitic search results in the past.

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