Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Study In Contrasts

The Jawa Report has brought up the comparison in motives and apologies made for Islamic terrorist scumbags and those apologies hypothetically being given to the suicidal scumbag who flew into the IRS building in Austin:

The IRS out of the US NOW!!1!1!11!eleventy!!

It's worth noting that while it's heavy sarcasm, the ludicrousness of the arguments are well illustrated by the contrast.

When jihadis in New York or Washington or Mumbai or any number of other places around the globe are killing innocent people, the same idiotic arguments are used. When reapplied, the arguments are seen as flimsy excuses for terrorism that are only given by those who ideologically support terrorism.


Michelle Malkin points out the contrast between the Austin nutjob and the University of Alabama killer, and their coverage in the media.

Very telling contrasts all around.

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