Thursday, February 3, 2011

From the John Birch Society: Be Aware of Constitutional Conventions

From the John Birch Society:

After seeing this video I am going to agree with these gentlemen and their arguments. As a student of the Constitution and of the era in which it was written I can attest to the following:

The original "Con-Con" was called only to reform the Articles of Confederation; instead, the convention's attendees went outside of their assigned bounds and introduced a completely new form of government in the form of our current Constitution. Legally speaking the entire convention could have been arrested for treason. Also, since the Congress under the Articles had commissioned the convention for reforms, the convention had a duty to report to back to the Congress it's findings, which the Convention also failed to do; instead, the Convention took it's case directly to the people of each state effectively by passing the Confederation Congress.

If a Constitutional Convention were to be called now to address term limits, a balanced budget etc... the states could attempt to exert control over the convention and it's participants but I believe it would be exceptionally hard to legally bind a Con-Con to only address certain issues. The issue of control coupled with today's politicians makes a Constitutional Convention a very dangerous option to reform the Federal Government. If instead, reformers follow the simple procedures of amending the Constitution, control of the issues being reformed would be ensured as well as ensuring that politicians stay within the existing framework of the Constitution.

I do not believe we can trust those we have in office, or those they would select, to keep the citizens' best interest in mind. Especially in the setting of a Constitutional Convention and given all their reckless spending, and rights stealing that has occurred the last 10 years. The better course in my mind would be to attempt to address all of these issues through the already tried and proven method of amending the Constitution. So please, go to the websites of your respective state legislatures and check up on them and see if any of them are considering legislation that will call for a Constitutional Convention.

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  1. In the 1930's and 1940's, Communists insinuated themselves into liberal groups and tried to exploit to their advantage very serious economic, social, and political issues without revealing the the true purposes, ideas, and values of the CPUSA.

    Similarly, the Birch Society latches onto any issue which it thinks it can exploit to its advantage while simultaneously disguising its actual beliefs and values with patriotic platitudes and rhetoric about their supposed interest in protecting our Constitution and our freedoms.

    For a fact-based report about the JBS which is based, primarily, upon first-time-released FBI investigative files, see:

    For a representative sample of comments about the JBS made by prominent conservatives, see: