Monday, April 27, 2009

100 Days, Opposing Viewpoints

100 days.

Almost seems longer. To some though, it would seem that everything is fine in our country. The stock market has made some gains. While to others, it seems as if enough has not been done pointing to an 8.5% unemployment rate, not too mention homes are still being lost and lives are being changed.

We have some, through works of art, who want to paint a picture of the leader of our current administration as the messiah. While others feel the very opposite and horrified at the idea of proclaiming a simple man the 2nd coming of our Lord.

While the above picture offends my sensibilities as a born again christian. (Speaking of offense, it's quite alright to for me to be offended by leftist propaganda, but not alright for me to offend the left, because if I do I am either a racist, or a nazi, neither of which is true.) It makes me wonder a few things. Are we as a people lost enough to set up a man, who really hasn't accomplished anything in office? Granted his election to the office of president, was a long time coming. It honored me, as a former military service member, to see Americans get over the object of race in an election such as this. It honored me because it gave me proof that the sacrifices that some of my Brothers in Arms made, some even paying with their lives, that America is still free and that freedom and equality are worth fighting for.

Having said that, I believe to put the mantle of Jesus on a man is simply blasphemous. Because if the Lord had come again, I wouldn't be here writing this post. I'd be with the Lord in Heaven.

I'd like to present two articles, one presented by the associated press writers, Ron Fournier and Trevor Thompson, and another article coming from the New York Post, I apologize but I cannot locate the author's name at this time. The article is named 100 Days, 100 mistakes.

Mr. Fournier's and Thompson's article is here.

The Opinion piece from the New York Post can be found here.

So after having read both of those articles, I had to ask myself, what's the answer? Are we good? Have the issues been resolved? If they have, at what cost? If they haven't, what needs to be done?

The answer is, as far as I can see it, that the country is no better off then what it was 100 days ago. We have government involved in the private sector. The Tea Parties that are occurring across the country have been dubbed "rightist," "anti-Obama," and "racist," by the main stream media. In truth they are the exact opposite. They are made up of both democrats and republican who are fed up with government spending, and who want to see a return to the basics of what are United States Constitution delineates.

We have bailouts that go to banks that don't want them. They are told they will take them, and then told they may not pay them back. We have government treading where it shouldn't and it is up to the people of the country to take a stand and throw out via election, or at worst impeachment, those in office who do not want to follow the constitution.

We have the government involved with unions and other organizations that are demonizing companies like AIG, who by contract, paid their executives bonuses they were do. A contract is a contract is a contract. If there are bonus clauses in those executives contracts and they fulfill those obligations then they deserve their bonus. It is not government's place to tax them 90% of that bonus. Especially when there is evidence that links a senator to receiving money from the said company, who had received a bailout from the government. Where's the integrity in that? Since when do we let someone, who has received money from a company, preside over a bailout giving to that company? Madness, is what that is.

100 days have come and gone. We are no better off, due to government spending, and allocating money to project with no plan in place. That amounts to paying a construction contractor up front for the full amount and not telling him what you want. People just don't do that, they want a plan when dealing with a contractor and some even a time line. But our federal government, throws money at an idea with no plan and no itinerary. So much for responsible government.

That being said, You and I both put these people in office, and come mid term elections if we are not happy with their performance, it will be time to vote them out. Hopefully, more constitutionally minded people will be put in office.

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