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Left vs. Right or is it Something Else?

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The Left vs. The Right.

Our teachers in high school government class taught us this basic information through teaching us the political spectrum. Due to Tax Day Tea Parties and other modes of expression, I have found myself wondering if that old adage is what this is all about. Or is it something else?

I have recently re-read the Constitution as well as the Declaration of Independence. Our founding fathers were concerned about the abuses of tyrannical government. What does this mean to us today? Are we seeing abuses from our federal government? I believe wasteful and out of control spending is going to send us down a road that we wont be able to recover from.

To dispel any thought that this is an attack on president Obama, let me do so now. George Bush Sr. (#41), was a republican and his spending record was atrocious, and apparently wasteful spending is genetic seeing as how his son, George W. Bush (#43), doubled the size of the deficit in eight years. Now we have a big spender in office (President Obama) who is going to double W's deficit in half the time. I suppose now we see the problem.

The government is spending money it doesn't have thanks to a federal reserve that isn't actually federal at all. In the last eight years, individual freedom's have suffered due to the Patriot Act, which wasn't even read before the vote took place. Now the time has come for Big Government on steroids, to take care of everyone, because some where along the way, we as Americans, have forgotten how to be responsible for ourselves.

What does this have to do with the political spectrum? How is this a war between the left and right? I am here to tell you both the democratic and republican parties DO NOT have our best interest in mind. The republicans forgot who they are and became big spenders just like there brethren across the aisle. So if the political spectrum we all have been taught is made moot, there has to be another force at work.

So what are the forces that are at war with each other in our country? Let me introduce TOTAL government vs. NO government. I think its pretty self explanatory. One side of the political spectrum says the government is responsible for all and will provide everything for all. The only problem with this view is that there is a serious lack of freedom. TOTAL government will regulate what time you go to work, what job you'll hold, how long you'll be there, how many children you'll have, what they will learn in school, what they won't learn in school. TOTAL government will burden citizens with extraordinary taxes, because after all who is going to pay for all the wonderful social programs? TOTAL government will disarm the American public, because if Total government has control of everyone, what is the need for an individual citizen to be able to defend himself? After all there will be rewards for people turning each other in and cops going from house to house to ensure enforcement of laws. As one might expect, none of this sounds good.

On the other hand, we have NO government. NO government says, who needs laws, who needs regulations, let everyone do what they want. For obvious reasons this is an exceptionally bad idea. There must be laws and there must be order. They must be so that citizens aren't robbing, killing or maiming each other to get the things they want or need.

Now it comes to the important part. What's the answer? I have one. Read our constitution. Our founding fathers, the geniuses that they were, gave us a document that provides a perfect blend of Federal government with state and local government. The check and balances that are there protect one branch from abusing the domains of the other branches of government. Everyone of our founding fathers deserve a Nobel award for that document. That document has all the answers we need. Congress has the right to coin money, not a private cartel of banks called the Federal Reserve. The Judicial system needs to stick to strict interpretation of the law instead of legislating it. The Executive needs stop issuing executive orders and committing our military to war, with out an official declaration from the will of the people also know as Congress. Our constitution as it is written is the solution to our problems. The constitution and some common sense that is.

I found this link that does a really good job of describing what I have tried to share with you. I am just a little peeved, because I thought I came up with something original. But I have since discovered that several people share this view as well. Jonah Goldberg and Glenn beck have both spoken and written on this topic.

Here is the video.

In the coming weeks I am going to attempt to get some long time friends of mine to make some post as contributors, I hope you'll enjoy them. This means also that I'll be updating maybe more then once a week. Until next time, stay safe.
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