Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Obamacare by any Other Name

I have been hearing that our loving liberals (who know better then all of us) want to rename the glorious piece of socialist legislation H.R. 3200 after the freshly departed Senator Edward Kennedy.

Kennedy it has been noted by several, was an ardent supporter of universal health care. But it should be noted, that when it mattered most Kennedy DID NOT TURN TO THE GOVERNMENT WHEN HIS LIFE WAS ON THE LINE! He spent a whole lot of money going to the best doctors that money could buy. Why did he want to do that? He wanted to live, the man simply did not want to die. You know I wanted the guy to live too, I hate seeing at how many people become victims of cancer and other diseases of which there isn't a cure.

Kennedy was simply a paradox in the matter of health care. He wanted health care for all, but at the same time he went to whatever means necessary to get the best care he could. Under the current H.R. 3200 he probably wouldn't have been covered had he been a regular citizen. So how could he support something that he may not have been covered under had he been a regular citizen and not a U.S. Senator?Mainly because he would stay under his current plan provided to him by the U.S. Taxpayer. As would all congressional representatives, Senators, and Presidents just to name a few.

Is it fair for all them to keep a better plan then what we, as normal citizens, would under H.R. 3200? Is that equality? Is that what Democrats and the Republicans they are politically sleeping with think that equaility is? Is that mainstream America's definition of equality? Do they deem themselves better then the average Joe and his family? THESE ARE ALL QUESTIONS AMERICANS SHOULD BE ASKING!

You should be asking these questions in town hall meetings, if your representative is brave enough to have them. You should bombard snail mail, email, and visiting their offices.

So should we name an unpopular bill after a man whose misguided political ideals disagree with that very man's will to live? His will to live that wouldn't even bet considered by an End of Life committee or counselor (a.k.a. death panels). Would that have been fair to him or his family? Will that be fair to any of us?

This is just another example of the liberal, elitists mindset that has control of our federal government.

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