Monday, September 7, 2009

World's Smallest Political Alignment Quiz

I've taken this quiz before, but now having seen the effects of the liberal fascist/statist mode of govt, it appears I've gotten way more hardcore in support of liberty.

My only non-100% libertarian question is one that basically consists of "how the hell you gonna do it?"

There is a problem with the quiz and its results. Statist and liberal are the same thing, as the fundamental basis of modern liberalism is that they have no beliefs beyond pandering to emotion.

Jonah Goldberg rather eloquently illustrates this by pointing out that the basis of modern liberalism begins in the 19-teens with Woodrow Wilson and his cadre, who all believed they knew what was best. HG Wells coined the term "Liberal Fascism" to describe the progressives of the era - and meant it in glowing terms. The left was enamored with fascism and the trappings of ultimate power and still is - as evidenced by the bow to the Saudi king, the hug with Hugo Chavez, etc.

Thus, the modern liberal is a statist, and vice versa, though he'll call himself a progressive or whatever lie he needs to in order to get by. Van Jones was a communist who proclaimed himself a liberal and progressive - but all are the same thing - people who crave power over others and are those who should NEVER have it.

The liberalism of the founding fathers was libertarianism coupled with some degrees of conservatism based on traditional Christian values. It was liberal in opposition to monarchy and despotism - it was revolutionary in contrast to that. It was vehemently not the "revolutionary" of tyrannical dictators like Hugo Chavez or the mass murdering coward Che Guevara or of even greater mass murderer Lenin. That's simply one more tyrannical despot replacing a weaker government.

Nor does any "liberal" policy in the quiz follow true liberal principles - which are libertarian principles, or conservative principles - as conservatives are seeking to CONSERVE the liberties and virtues derived from them that they see as most beneficial to the survival of the American people.

It's flawed on the whole statist dictatorial side. No true liberal should be taking from one group to give to another, as welfare does. That's theft - it starts with money and ends with prima nocta.

Nor does a traditional conservative - based on conserving the principles that made the country great - demand that government interfere in people's home lives.

I suppose the conclusion is that, given liberal-statists identical status and thought, and the opinions of an American conservative versus an American traditionalist (who doesn't adhere to the Constitution so much as their cultural opinions - which may not be a bad thing for culture, but perhaps shouldn't interfere in government and laws) - the test is invalid.

Diatribe over - but consider it no matter your result. Classic liberalism, American conservatism, or just libertarianism, call it what you will - it all adds up to this:

And this:

Liberty looks pretty damn good to me.

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