Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tea Party Tomorrow

Like a lot of folks on the libertarian/classic liberal/conservative end of the spectrum, I have to work tomorrow, so I probably won't be attending one. But for those who do, some motivation:

1.2 million or so at the last big march.


Watch out for leftists trying to marginalize and demonize you by infiltrating the Tea Party protests. First there was the union-funded Tea Party Is Over, now the Crash the Tea Parties groups, which are all about silencing you by marginalizing you.

Icon ganked from some leftist's posting. Standing for smaller govt = National Socialist Workers Party Member (Nazi)
They don't even realize Nazis are LEFTISTS.

Their plan, stated on their site, is to go out and shout the most outlandish, horrible things in order to discredit the Tea Parties. Basically to go out and do the kinds of behavior that the Tea Partiers (an orderly crowd) are already accused of by far-far-leftists.

But we already know what's up:

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