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Harry Reid, "Lost in the Sauce?"

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The following information is taken from the following articles:

WND: Tea Partiers vs. Reid Supporters: 10,000 to 100
Las Vegas Review - Journal: Reid Kicks Off Re-Election Campaign in Searchlight

Here are some of Harry Reid's comments from the last several day's in reference to his re-election bid for his Senate seat:

"The people who are upset really don't know why they are upset.... What do they mean?"

The people don't know why? Really Harry? I can help you with that one. They are upset that you people in congress have passed into law, a healthcare overhaul that threatens to literally transform the United States into a socialist state, where a person's health is affected by a government bureaucrat, and roughly speaking our incomes will be getting taxed by double if not triple the current rate to pay for it. It will increase premiums because insurance companies will be forced to provide coverage to people with pre-existing conditions which has been likened to purchasing insurance for a car you just wrecked on the interstate. Those increased premiums will lead to more people being forced to choose the "public option" or if you prefer, "the government option" because they will not be able to afford private health insurance which is what you and your fellow statist are all about: MORE PEOPLE DEPENDENT ON THE GOVERNMENT!

"I'm not a big poll guy.... Everyone who knows me knows I have never paid attention to polls. The only poll that matters is the on election day."

Harry, honestly I think you are going to be very surprised, just when you and your fellow statist "just knew" in your heart of hearts that "Kennedy's seat" could never go to a republican. You just disregarded the voice of the people then in the polls just as you did in Virginia and in New Jersey in those governors' elections. I think you are going to be surprised once again Harry when you lose your seat in November.

In reference to the 10,000 Tea Partiers that showed up in his hometown of Searchlight, Nevada:

"The vast majority of people don't feel that way.... The vast majority of people want problems solved and that's my business, solving problems."

He doesn't understand the Tea Party movement nor does he understand, due to his inability to process poll information, what citizens of the United States really want. They don't want this horrible monstrosity of a healthcare law that destroys the freedom to choose your healthcare, mainly when, where, how, and from whom you get it. They do not want the federal government spending like there's no tomorrow and borrowing vast amounts of money from the Chinese. They want more offshore drilling to reduce or dependency on foreign oil especially since the majority of that foreign oil comes from those who would rather see us dead. All Harry understands is power for powers sake, especially in the hands of the federal government. They want less government, less tax burden, less regulation on themselves and small business, more jobs, more freedom, and more liberty. That's a citizens' idea of solving problems: reduce and/or remove government from the free market.

And finally the most telling quote:

"They (The Tea Party) want things to be the way they used to be.... Things will never be the way the used to be."

Reminds me of something someone else said not too long ago before they took office. Its about "transforming" the country. The statist/liberal/progressive/marxist/communist/socialist/fascist (choose your favorite term) in Washington are literally remaking the country in the image of Fascist Italy, Nazi Germany, Communist Russia and Maoist China. Is that what the citizens of the United States want? Is it what the country needs? How will Reid and the others find out? When the only poll that matters to Reid (and his statist brethren) is taken, and it'll be here in November 2010.

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