Saturday, July 18, 2009

The National Socialist Platform of the 1920's and Now

The National Socialist German Worker's Party Platform from 1920 was co-written by Adolph Hitler and Anton Drexler. Here are some of the highlights:
  • The common good must come before self-interest.
  • State sponsored livelihood for citizens.
  • The nationalization of Trust (Corporations).
  • Shared profits with labor.
  • Expanded old age pensions.
  • Communalization of department stores.
  • Outlawing of child labor.
  • Universal Education - Government pays for higher education.
  • Guaranteed employment.
  • Expropriation of land without compensation.
  • Abolition of market based lending.
  • Expansion of Health Services.
  • Abolition of class.

The million dollar question is this. What political party does this sound like in the United States in our current time? My guess would be the democratic party and some republicans who have forgotten the definition of what conservatism really means.

It never ceases to amaze me when people categorize National Socialism, and Fascism, of the 1930's as conservative, right wing movements. While some of those things listed above I hold to be important such as Child Labor laws. I do think a child should be a child as long as he or she can, without the worries of an adult. Because any adult worth his or her value as a productive member of society would agree, that being an adult with responsibilities isn't always fun. Getting back to the point, National Socialism and Fascism both dictate these basic premises listed above, so do both our Democratic Party and it would seem some of the Republican Party as well.

People need to wake up and see the link between all of this. The very programs our current administration as well as those of previous administration are pushing us in this direction. The Bush administration had laid the groundwork for a police of the like we haven't seen in this country since World War I. Obama's administration is now pushing us economically, educationally, and health care wise towards the exact same policies of Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, and the War Socialism of the United States during World War I. Seriously people, should we continue to let government continue to run amok?

That HAS BEEN the purpose of these Tea Parties and grass roots movements who have already been deemed right wing extremist by the Bush created Department of Homeland Security. The people who have organized Tea Parties, Campaign for Liberty, and the Constitution Party all want to see a return to the Constitution of the United States. They want to reduce the size of the federal government back to its constitutional boundaries. They want ordinary people to have all the freedoms delineated by the Constitution. The Constitution is a piece of paper with set, immovable guidelines that provides what the Federal government can and can not do, it is NOT a living document to be interpreted with the changing of the times. It is our bedrock, it is what makes our country uniquely American.

It is time for Americans who want to CONSERVE our founding fathers principles (called classic liberalism) to do the following:
Run for office.

  • To encourage neighbors to run for office and vote during elections.
  • To call, write, and visit your representatives.
  • To learn how our country is supposed to work.
  • To demand term limits for representatives on the Federal and State levels.
  • To demand control of our currency and return the coining of money back to congress.
  • To demand that our rights laid down by the Bill of Rights not be infringed upon in any way, including the right to own guns, speak our minds, and practice our religions, no matter the situation.
  • To demand that the Federal Government recognize States Rights as laid down in the Constitution of the United States.

I believe we need to get back to the basics of our founding fathers for this country to truly remain free and good, and to remain a positive force in the world.

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