Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Individualism vs. Collectivism Part 3

Part 3 of the individualism vs collectivism discourse. This part is entitled, "Coercion vs. Freedom."

When it comes down to it, responsibility and rights are the same. It seems to me you cannot have one without the other. There are those who believe that ou rights are dictated by the federal government. This is simply not true, our rights come via the constitution from our Creator (whomever you deem Him to be ).

As citizens, it is a right and responsibility to vote out deadwood politicians who care for nothing but getting reelected. These United States have no one to blame but ourselves for the size of government and the encroachment of government on domains that do not belong to it.

We know what needs to be done:
  • Find friends or family to help fix the problem and get involved in government.
  • Do not wait on one of the two major political parties to fill a need.
  • Seek a restoration of the constitution in its entirety.
  • Throw public officials out of office who do not follow constituational guidelines or who propose unconstitutional laws.
  • Impeach judges who want to be empathetic instead of impartial. This includes those judges who feel its part of their responsibility to legislate law from their benches.

If we do even a few of these things, the possiblity of true "change" can be accomplished.

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