Saturday, August 1, 2009

Cash For Clunkers*

(*Ruining Used Cars Poorer Folks Can Afford)

A new, perfectly good Volvo that would make a wonderful, affordable, reliable family car in the used market.


A running, functional, Chevy SUV, perfect for a growing family or even a work vehicle.


A running, functional Jeep. Beat up, needing new tires, but well within the price range and mechanical ability of someone who needs a good vehicle to get to and from work in the winter.



There are families out there that need cars. There are mechanics who work on them that need jobs. There are auto parts stores that exist to keep them running. Environmentally, they're already built, so maintenance work consumes fewer ecological resources than building a toxic-battery death-trap hybrid.

Emotionally (yes, this is very indicative of my age here) this is like watching the Transformers movie as a kid and seeing characters I'd known for years killed. This is like watching Optimus Prime die.

From an objective standpoint, it's like God is tearing pages from Atlas Shrugged and they're coming true. When John Galt says he will "Stop the motor of the world," he means men's minds... and all Galt does is let idiot moocher/looter/statist/leftist barbarians grind the world to a halt as he steps out of the way.

Now we see those same savages sacraficing the progress of thousands of years in the name of their proven-to-be-lies pagan religion of Global Warming. Even that poor Jeep could take a man on a full tank of gas hundreds of miles down the road in a day - further than any ox-drawn cart ever could. It could save huge amounts of labor that could never be done by hand, it could drive faster than any horse can ride and get a wounded man to help or a pregnant woman to a doctor.

Now, it's a destroyed hulk...

Nothing but a shrine to the destructiveness of the filthy statist tyrant philosophy of regression and their primitive sky-worshipping religion.

Each one of these vehicles is a masterwork of engineering - of designers, engineers, chemists, physicists, miners, smelters, oilworkers, assemblymen - all of their collective labor being built into a mechanical triumph. The engineer who designs it, the chemists who make the plastic to make the bodies lighter, the physicists who've designed the smaller generators, the miners and smelters who make the steel, the oilworkers and chemists who make the plastics, and the assemblymen who put it together. From thousands of miles apart, they've worked together to provide a vehicle that transports a man at higher speeds than man has ever seen before - giving mobility and giving freedom to millions! They save lives, they bring lives together... and now...

They're murdered for some regressive quackery religion that masquerades as truth by consensus of lies and attacks anyone who questions it. They're murdered by a government that's become corrupt enough to do quantifiable harm to its own citizens by seizing the money earned by the sweat of their brow and using it to take the very vehicles they seek to own and destroy them. Taxed, destroyed, murdered.

Damn them.

A man on horseback riding all day until exhaustion could maybe manage a hundred miles.

A man in a car can drive a thousand miles in a day in comfort - heat or cool, sitting and resting - and with lights leading his way when the sun goes down. We used to hang horse theives. Now the horse theives tax us to kill our own horses.

Damn them.

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