Saturday, July 18, 2009

A Book Review: Ronald Reagan's Initial Actions Report

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Arthur Laffer, Ph. D makes a brilliant introduction and sets the tone for the entire book. He speaks of two time periods 1981 and 2009 and their amazing similarities. He speaks of the two presidents, Reagan and Obama, and how their approaches differ. A brief history is provided on Keynesian economics and Reagan's "supply-side" economics and how they differ. The book also discusses how our current president and his policies are the exact opposite of the policies that the Reagan administration implemented during his first 100 days in office. In Laffer's summary he says, "...if you reverse the policies of Reagan, you should expect opposite results."The book then outlines the Initial Actions Project developed by the Reagan Administration. It talks about moving away from Keynesian economics, coalition building, the presidency and what it means to the administration, and revitalizing America itself. I consider this book a very good read. It can be purchased at Barnes and Noble for around 10 dollars.

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