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Just What are Politics

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What are politics?I was asked this question my senior year in high school while taking a college level American government class. The professor, I remember her first name, Amy, asked us that question. After a noticeable silence, she told us the following:

"Politics is the art of determining who gets what, how they get it, when they get it, and why they get it."

That has stuck with me for a very long time. For the last several years that sentence keeps returning to my mind because it is true. This sentence is why we have lobbyist and special interest. Because these lobbyist know that in order to get what they want they must wine and dine representatives. My professor Amy also made the following statement as well:

"Politics is also a continuous battle where Order battles Equality and Freedom, and all the variations there of."

This statement is also resoundingly true. If the populace begins to favor order, freedom always suffers, and in most cases equality is not much that far behind. However, if the populace favors freedom then a state can almost exist in total anarchy with everyone doing as they please, often with individuals taking advantage of others whether is through what we consider crime, or taking advantage of another person's trust.

Right now in America, Equality is a watch word of the Liberal (progressive) establishment. There is nothing wrong with Equality because all men are created equal. All men in this country (and women) have the opportunity to be whatever they desire. Men and women competing for the same jobs should be judged solely by their qualifications, their education and their experiences. I do not believe it necessary to legislate equality. I believe it is every man and woman inherit right to the freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States of America, regardless of race, sex or creed.

Under the guise of Equality, the Liberal establishment has also been seeking to establish order and to limit personal freedoms. Evidence of this is the over taxation of the wealthy and redistributing it through government subsidies and tax refunds to those less fortunate. The Great Society along with most of the still intact New Deal legislation are excellent examples of this. The liberal establishment wants all of us to make the same. They want to take individualism out of these United States, and replace it with words like "community" and the "greater good."

There are a few leaders in history who wanted the same as our current Democratic party. Names like Stalin, Hitler, and Mussolini. Their respective parties wanted the same types of things, a "fair "living" wage, state sponsored retirement for everyone, guaranteed jobs, profit sharing, a graduated income tax, and universal health care. Those men above preached Communism, National Socialism, and Fascism. All three flavors of government belong to the left of the political spectrum.

Americans have been wrongly educated about this since after World War II, thanks to some savvy propaganda credited to Josef Stalin.Stalin's propaganda centered on the facts that both Italy's fascism and Germany's national socialism where nationalist movements. The difference between communism and the other two is that communism preaches that the workers of the world unite and overthrow their bosses. While both fascism and national socialism preached the subjugation of corporations to their governments. That's the key ideological difference when it comes to communism versus fascism and national socialism.

I said the above to introduce this video. You will need to skip over to the 5:49 mark and watch what George Carlin says about fascism. You can stop watching at roughly 6:18.

The democratic party while preaching equality, but using order, will continue to undermine freedom until we, as citizens, no longer have any freedom whatsoever. It will arrive just the way as George Carlin foretold. Even though George W. Bush laid a lot of ground work for a police state with the patriot act, his treasury secretary also threatened congress with martial law if the first stimulus bill wasn't passed. Now we are seeing the same tactics being used by the current administration that threatened the results would be devastating if the second stimulus wasn't passed. Now we have "Hate bills" under the guise of equality. When in fact they are reverse discrimination against the majority of the population, particularly white males. The bill also makes pastors subject to violation of Hate laws should they decide to preach about homosexuality which their religion may deem to be morally wrong. Here is the current attorney general and some comments he has made about Hate bill legislation.

The proof is out there my friends. You have to look for it. Our rights under the constitution are being attacked on a daily basis. The question is what are we going to do about it. We need to go to Tea Parties, Independence Day is coming and there are going to be tea party activities all over the country. Get involved, call your representatives. Read the news, not just from the mainstream media. I am available nearly all the time and if you have any questions on how to get involved post them here and I will answer them. If I don't have answer I will point you to someone who can.We all know what our current president thinks about the Tea Parties:

I would like to thank everyone who has joined as a follower. I appreciate your interest and I hope to keep you interested. Until next time be safe. Independence Day is coming to don't there is nothing wrong with being proud to be an American!

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