Sunday, July 19, 2009

I Believe, Do You?

  • I believe in the freedom to do what I want, when I want, and where ever I want to do it. As long as I am not hurting anyone or breaking any laws.

  • I believe that color doesn't matter, neither race, sex or how much money you make. We are all human beings with emotions, needs and opinions.

  • I believe that I shouldn't pay for a huge corporations mistakes. Would they pay for mine?

  • I believe that as taxpayers we have a right to hold our elected officials accountable for their actions. If we don't government will continue to grow unchecked.

  • I believe that money that I make belongs to no one else but myself and my family. If you need money go find a job and make your own.

  • I believe in the rights of free speech, to own guns, to worship as I please. If you don't, move to China, they'd gladly accommodate anyone who doesn't want to claim their rights.

  • I believe that government spending is out of control, with no visible end in sight. If we don't stop spending what we don't have, isn't that called irresponsibility?

  • I believe in American Exceptionalism, that our country is not only a better place to live, but also the best system of government mankind has ever devised. We just need to read the Constitution and follow it to the letter. It isn't a living document to be twisted.

  • I believe that as a nation, we have lost ourselves morally and spiritually. If we get ourselves right with each other and with God (Jesus is my Lord), that would go a long way to fixing any social problems we have.

  • I believe in term limits. One 6 year term would do nicely for President, The Senate, and the House at both the national and state levels.

  • I believe in a flat tax, where every ones contribution is equal. If you can't afford it, change your lifestyle.

  • I believe in a balanced budget, and the elimination of our countries debt. Supposedly our best and brightest know how to accomplish this, so why are we spending?

  • I believe that our children won't understand the decisions that have been made when they find out that bailouts have caused them to be born into this world owing a debt to the federal government to the tune of around 184,000 dollars.

  • I believe that America is good. The American people are the most giving, volunteering people in the world. We don't need to triple the size of Americorps. Save some money.

  • I believe that our F.B.I, local law enforcement officers, and other first responders know how to do their jobs, we do not need a civilian defense force to protect us from terrorist threats.

  • I believe in the American people, Tax Day was a start. The sleeping giant of America was awakened once before by tyranny and oppression, and it is finally starting to rub the sleep from it's eyes once again.

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