Friday, July 24, 2009

Individulism Vs Collectivism Part One

Here is part one entitled, "The Nature and Origin of Human Rights" Pretty good video, it makes you think about the changes taking place in our government. I'll be quiet now, here it is:

Makes you think, I hope it does.


  1. Interesting commentary, yet is the assertion that "rights are born on the battlefield" and that military power is the "ultimate" source of rights correct? I think not.

    Though our rights have often needed to be secured on battlefields and will always need to be defended on both literal and figurative battlefields, their source, according to the referenced US Constitution, is God.

    Historically, the rise of the freedoms that our founders expoused, and we find ourselves in a momentous struggle to preserve today, came about as Western society slowly built upon the ancient idea that there are Natural Laws that supercede any governmental law. (Remember the showdown between Antigone and Creon ? ) These Natural Laws were seen by our Founders as coming from the Creator and therefore are inalienable and cannot be abridged by any man or groupings of men, ie governments.

    The assertions of this video are good for the most part but slightly misdirected and therefore wide open to viable attack by those who wish to destroy our freedoms. In this struggle we must always be vigilent and remember the Biblical caution that "a little leaven will permeate the whole loaf."

    Thanks for listening to my ramblings....


    PS.....Sorry Jason, I could not figure out how to post as myself...Mike

  2. In my opinion we were forced to secure our "God given" rights on the battlefield in 1776, because a tyrannical despot several thousands of miles away was infringing on our "God given" rights.

    If you want your rights, you have to secure them for yourself. No one else is going to do it for you. Tht is why the American colonies went to war with Britian. To secure our rights today we must trust in politicians to do what is right. The majority of them today are only concerned with what is right to get them re-elected.

    We as citizens need to take back our rights and stick to the constitution. Get rid of the welfare state among other things. Get government our of the markets and out of business.