Saturday, July 18, 2009

A Look at American History and Values

It constantly amazes me on a daily basis, how little Americans know of their heritage. From people on the Jay Leno show asked to sing the national anthem and failing to get through the first few lines, to reporters asking citizens how their government works, these issues are a serious warning sign that, we as Americans, have simply either forgotten where we came from, or we simply do not care what we have been through as a country.

So, in order to attempt something of a remedy to the current situation, I am going to post links here for both the Declaration of Independence, and for the United States Constitution. I encourage everyone to read them both, then ask yourselves the following questions:

What does the Declaration mean to me and how does it apply in today's world? Is the Declaration still valid?

Do we have a responsibility to prevent what happened to our forefathers in the events leading up to the revolutionary war from happening again?

Is our constitution being followed?

If not, what can be done to remedy that?

What can we do to strengthen the general public's knowledge of these amazing documents?

What can we do as citizens to ensure our continued freedom that we currently enjoy?

I encourage everyone to read these two documents and spend some time thinking about these questions. As Americans, its our duty to see the constitution is followed to the letter, and that all branches of our federal government stay within the framework there of.

The Declaration of Independence can be found at:

The Constitution can be found at:

Also, in regards to the comment of people not knowing our National Anthem here is a link that includes an instrumental, as well as vocals, and a posting of the lyrics:

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