Thursday, May 20, 2010

Free Speech on Draw Mo Day - 5/20

There's an issue that a lot of folks aren't willing to tackle. Many folks are willing to bury their heads in sand. A lot of folks want to address it.

It started over on Facebook, apparently, with the idea of a "Draw Mohammed Day" to stand up for free speech. Since I'm a dinosaur and not adept at Facespace or Mybook, I've mostly been kept abreast of it by The Jawa Report. (I highly recommend visiting the site - they have much more info and several links.)

Apparently, though, there's been some typical muslim intolerance of free speech.

Call them the religion of peace. Or they'll kill you.
(Also big thanks to Jawa Report.)

So insulting Mohammed = Death? Again?

Y'know what, islamic community? You don't want to be portrayed like your prophet, who spread his religion by the sword, forced conversions, and murder?

Y'know, like Mohammed, pictured here in my artist's rendering:
Free speech & the 1st Amendment. Got a problem with it? Tough.
Want to change my mind? That's up to your behavior.

(For those of you paying attention, Mohammed was portrayed as a kind superhero on South Park. The above image is my creation, using a South Park character generator.)

Then stop threatening people with death for joking about your religion, or your founder (who raped a 9-year old girl). Jews can take a joke about Moses, Christians can sure take a joke about Jesus, Buddhists can take a joke about buddha, animists can take a joke about anything. Hell, even snotty atheists can take a joke... about nothing.

While you're at it, stop murdering gay people for being gay, and stop punishing rape victims for being victims of rape.

Now, in the unlikely event that actual moderate muslims like Irshad Manji, Wafa Sultan, Ozma, Marwan or his sisters, or Tony (our 'terp) ever read the site, no true disrespect is intended towards you, and I'm sure you can stomach the insult to the prophet you believe in in order to have the barbarians in your midst shown for who they are by their foaming-at-the-mouth response, and for those who do have some capacity for tolerance to be able to develop it. You may scowl in distaste, but no harm is done, and a positive reaction from you enhances your image and character, and ultimately simple mockery of Mohammed without any depth to the discussion will go away. We'll all be able to recognize you as civilized people capable of reasoned discourse - again, it's testament to your character as individuals.

Those who would be offended are free to make pictures of whatever religious or secular figure they like. Enjoy. Be advised, we've already had our tax dollars pay for a crucifix in urine and a Virgin Mary made of elephant shit, so you'll probably be unable to offend us any moreso than our own domestic iconoclasts. BTW, they're cowards who wouldn't dare put Mohammed in the same "art".

Those who would make death threats or worse yet, commit acts of violence based on PICTURES or WORDS are dangerous psychotics. A scathing criticism of Theo van Gogh or Trey Parker & Matt Stone would be a lot more effective critique than proving their mockery entirely justified. Note that every act of violence solidifies islam as a religion that is by its very nature violent, no matter how much anyone says "religion of peace." 15312 terrorist acts in the name of islam since 9/11/2001 (as of this writing) already has made it pretty solid.

Multiculturalism! Diversity! Tolerance!

Oh, and for those cowards who won't stand for free speech, like Comedy Central, and the numerous newspapers who refused to reprint the Mohammed cartoons out of fear - either stand up for your rights or get used to kneeling. Every acquiescence you make to terrorists validates terrorism as a tool to force your compliance. You have no standing as a critic of any religion or anything if you bow to islam's threats. You fucking cowards.

Also, to those muslims without tolerance and who wish to make threats and terrorist attacks, perhaps you need to be reminded of what backs up the 1st Amendment in the United States.

2nd Amendment. Protecting its loudmouth little brother the 1st Amendment since 1791.


  1. Quoting one of your preferred politicians:

    YOU LIE!!

    Christians DO NOT take insulting remarks about Jesus lying down. Neither do Muslims. Either you don't know much about Islam or you don't know much about Christianity.....or BOTH!!

  2. But I do not think one sees Christians reacting the same way the Muslims do in the public arena when questioned about their religious leaders.

  3. *sigh* This is what I get for not double-checking for comments.

    Deuce, Christians don't tend to murder people who insult Jesus. They may get mad, but if they're even remotely Christian in behavior, they try to talk to someone insulting Jesus about Jesus.

    Theo Van Gogh was murdered for making a movie critical of Islam and Mohammed. Ayaan Hirsi is under constant threat by Islamists. Salman Rushdie has been in hiding since the Ayatollah declared a fatwa on him for insulting Islam. Teacher Gillian Gibbons in Sudan was sentenced to public whipping and 6 months in prison because she named a teddy bear Mohammed.

    People who leave Islam are executed as apostates.

    Kevin Smith's film "Dogma" did not result in his execution. Jesus Christ Superstar resulted in no riots. Documentary "Jesus Camp" did not result in Christians attacking the producers or declaring they should be killed.

    Deuce, you're woefully ignorant to be accusing others of lying, though I guess if you're totally ignorant in regards to the subject, it does seem like a lie to you. So go read for a while and learn something.