Friday, May 14, 2010

Arizona's Line In The Sand

Told ya!

But rather than get bowled over by amnesty, Arizona stood up. Arizona Senate Bill 1070 (which can be read in its entirety at this link). The hardcore leftists and racial supremacists like The Race (La Raza - link is older background on them) are up in arms because it upsets their power.

What the law does, in brief, is that when Arizona police or public servants come into contact with persons reasonably suspected to be illegally present in the US, they have to ascertain citizenship. The requirements for this by Arizona law are substantially lower than that required by federal law. For instance, Arizona accepts an Arizona driver's license as proof of citizenship. Some rather well-known illegal aliens (visa overstays) had US driver's licenses.
He's just looking for a better life and murdering the thousands of people that American citizens are too lazy to murder.

For those who want to sleep better at night, a driver's license alone is not sufficient to prove citizenship to federal agents who are doing their job and enforcing the law. But for Arizona, they accept it (I'm not sure if AZ requires proof of citizenship or lawful permanent resident status to get one).

Point being, the bar is set very low for the suspect to prove their citizenship. For a US citizen, it makes no more hassle than producing one's ID - which any cop can ask for any time a citizen (or otherwise) is detained in the US. Detention, in the legal sense, is when an agent of government interferes with an individual's freedom of movement. They're not taken into custody, they're just stopped - i.e., a traffic stop - for investigative purposes. The cop is just fact-finding to determine "did this guy break the law/do I have probable cause for an arrest?" If the answer is no, the person goes free.

To the AZ law, this means when a cop stops someone and asks them questions concerning a crime - be it a traffic stop, witnessing an accident, etc., the cop can ask them their citizenship. More importantly, when a cop is actually arresting someone for a crime, they have to determine their citizenship. If they're present in the US without proper documents, they're handed over to the Border Patrol or Immigrations & Customs Enforcement, who will set them up for deportation proceedings.

The AZ law for police provides an avenue to deal with illegal alien criminals. And AZ police and citizens have no love lost for the illegals.

Murder, crime and garbage. Yay for undocumented workers!

The AZ law also requires state and local agencies to comply with immigration laws. What this means is that when an illegal alien comes into an unemployment office and eagerly sucks up US citizens' taxes, the illegal isn't handed a check from your wallet (even if you don't live in AZ, federal money going to schools and unemployment benefits and everything else are going there - plus the added costs of goods and services to pay those taxes).

Instead, the illegal is reported and deported.

For those mythical illegals who aren't breaking any laws and aren't costing any taxpayer money, they aren't the targets of the law. The AZ law only has an effect on those who are breaking the law or utilizing services they aren't paying for, and as illegal aliens don't rate.

The leftists and The Racists Reconquistadors suggest that the law is one that encourages racial profiling. It emphatically does not. But as Levar Burton used to say on Reading Rainbow - "Don't take my word for it..."
Here's the link to the bill again:

The leftists/The Racists are pushing their own agenda. Being leftists, they believe in forcing people into racial groups who will then vote as a block or be rejected for not being "X race" enough. They refuse to accept a difference between legal immigrants and illegal immigrants, because illegal immigrants in the American Southwest are overrepresentative of their ethnic group.

Never mind that the legal citizens of the same ethnic group support the bill and don't like illegals either. And that's not even getting into recent immigrants who went through the right way. They value their citizenship.

That's basically the crux of leftist hatred for Arizona's law. It puts value back on US citizenship, as something to earn. For the leftist, America is a land of ill-gotten gains, stolen from whatever aggrieved party they identify with most. America is the great polluter and the great oppressor and everything that is wrong with the world. For the leftist, the greatest good is to throw away America's bounty to those they deem "oppressed". It makes them feel good and assuages their guilt for being well-off.

Note they'll never give up their own status or wealth, just someone who's not so enlightened - that being you.

And of course, if you disagree with the left, then you're a nazi.

Let's call this Goldberg's Law: as the leftist begins to lose an argument, the probability of a conservative/libertarian/non-leftist
being called a nazi or Hitler approaches 1.

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