Friday, March 26, 2010

Next Item On The Leftist Agenda Is...

A recent Rassmussen poll said 55% of the US supports a repeal of the govt. takeover of healthcare. So how can the leftists offset the minimum 55% of people who are going to remember and vote against them? By making people dependant on govt. handouts, they've already manufactured large numbers of voters in perpetuety who will never vote against the handouts they voted for themselves. So how to do it?

Add more voters, give them more handouts.

From The People's Cube

It's insulting to legal immigrants, it's insulting to citizens, it's especially insulting to those legal immigrants who've worked to acquire citizenship.

It makes for a new class of poor laborers who will be cheated by unscrupulous US employers, and it's a slap in the face of the 15.6% of Americans represented in the real unemployment rate. But so what? It's a shady way to keep them in power and destroy the character of the nation at the same time.

The character of the people will be changed - a shift will be made away from those immigrants who strive to earn their citizenship and the great respect that the average citizen has for their own nation.

But what's seen already on the left is a general disdain for the US - evidenced in the First Lady's comment during the campaign that "for the first time in my adult lifetime, I am really proud of my country." It only took her husband being nominated as a presidential candidate to be proud of the US. She found nothing to be proud of about fighting a war to end slavery, wars overseas to protect human lives and thwart tyranny, internal conflicts every day in the legal system to ensure maximum liberty and strive to guarantee that everyone gets a fair trial; and a system of government and national character that push for the greatest freedom in the world on a day by day basis.

It's American exceptionalism that the left disdains and loathes. They aren't proud to be Americans, and think of it only as a ticket to enjoy the fruits of free people's labor. They push for world courts and global govt. to tell us how to live, they bow to dictators, and think nothing of using the force of government to take from the citizens of the US. Is it any wonder they wish to hand out citizenship to those who also disdain it? Is it any wonder they'd wish to disrespect legal immigrants who've worked hard to make it in the land of opportunity? Not really.

They go to church for twenty years and shout "G-d damn America!" They've already showed us their character.

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