Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Coffee Party Leftist Parasites

From Legal Insurrection:
The New York Times and Washington Post are promoting a group called the "Coffee Party" organized by filmmaker Annabel Park.

In fact, a simple internet search (which the NY Times apparently is not capable of doing) reveals that Park organized the Coffee Party for the specific purpose of undermining the Tea Party movement.

Park is a former Strategy Analyst at the NY Times who was one of organizers and operators of the United for Obama video channel at YouTube.

Numerous links are provided at Legal Insurrection, as well as screenshots of Park's tweets. Definitely worth reading for a quick background.

Looks like a steaming pile of Kopi Luwak to me.

The left at work. Just like they did with TeaPartyIsOver.

Hard leftists here are just following Alinsky's rules. They pretend to be centrist, then ridicule, isolate and polarize the tea party as radical right (when it's really quite centrist), and then they replace it with their own Coffee Party. The leftist media is doing part of the work for them, as Legal Insurrection notes - as the big leftist papers support them and do stories on them, while up to 1.2 million Tea Party protesters in DC are ignored.

Tea party = BIG motherfuckin' tent

A hardcore leftist is out to make the Tea Party look extreme, and their own "Coffee Party" look moderate. The idea is to temper the enthusiasm and destroy the Tea Party. Which is to say, destroy people fighting for their own freedom and against greater power of the state.

From WaPo:

The Coffee Party believes the middle is consensus. The Tea Party believes the middle is the Constitution.

America is not a consensus. It was not founded on consensus, and it is not a nation of obsequious limp-wrists who compromise their lives. It is, by its founding and nature, a nation of liberty extremists. If it ceases to be a nation of those who believe in their own liberty, then it dies (the slow death is already witnessed in various nanny/progressive states like CA, NY, IL, etc.).

A democracy is a tyranny of 51%. Consensus is one side that pushes and the other side that is forced in order to be polite. The "middle" between freedom and slavery is still slavery.

America is a republic, a nation of laws. The Coffee Party, like any "reaching across the aisle" leftist - especially one illustrated as leftist via search engine, seeks only compromise from the other side. The Coffee Party seeks to actively undermine the Tea Party - American citizens standing up for their rights. The Coffee Party was specifically founded for that purpose.

For those who would forsake their freedom for consensus and compromise, may your chains rest lightly upon you.

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