Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Duplicity of Eric Massa

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After resigning from Congress, Eric Massa is being interviewed by Glenn Beck.

He claims to being forced to resign due to not following the party line (the democrat one) and giving a "yes" vote for healthcare. He is being accused of sexual harrasment by staff members, and that is the "official" reason for his resignation. He also makes a claim that he was confronted by Rahm Emmanuel, the White House Chief of Staff, and told to vote with the president on healthcare.

Here is what I know of Eric Massa:

So, we have a gentleman who tells us he will not represent his constituents interest whether they want a single payer system or not (which was on the table at the time). For that alone he should resign. Elected representatives are elected by their constituents to represent their interest in their state capitals or in Washington D.C. If they falter representing their voter's interested they usually find themselves out of office.

Recently Massa changed his mind of Healthcare going on the record he would not vote for healthcare, in doing so, he was going directly against the White House. So why did he change? My guess is the single payer system was no longer in the bill. In simpler terms, the healthcare legislation is not radical enough for him.

So what is his game? I don't think he has any telling information to go after Rahm Emmanuel or expose anything on corruption within the federal government. The guy doesn't seem to be genuine at all, Beck is currently apologizing to his viewers for wasting their time. The key factor is that Massa was wiling to turn gainst his party for not being radical enough. At the same time he charges that the Obama administration is forcing to vote in line with White House wishes, regardless of how he feels on the issues. Isn't that what he bascially told his constiutents in that video from last August?

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