Wednesday, October 6, 2010

More Eco-Daleks

Every time you drive your SUV, Manbearpig kills a little girl.

Via Hotair.

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While this is plainly misanthropic, and clearly falls into the usual eco-dalek theme, is it really a surprise?

Of course, Manbearpig is all about people who are made to feel guilty by buying into this bullshit being convinced to buy carbon indulgences to make the prophets and bishops of global warming/climate change rich while making them feel good. It's all about redistributing wealth from the global rich to the global poor because the "overconsumption" of the global rich is killing the global poor.

Global rich here ends up meaning the lower, middle, and upper class of the West (not the upper-upper class, though) having to sacrifice the wealth and prosperity they've created and enjoy - from high-calorie, low cost foods that make it so the US is one of the few nations where poor people are fat (unlike the rest of the world throughout history). Global poor here means the dictators who go along with the scheme and keep convincing the anthropogenic global warming useful idiots to give them money. The dictators will keep their people poor while blaming the rest of the world for their woes, because without the scapegoat, the people would overthrow the dictator and get freedom or at least a less-bad dictator for themselves.

Note the careful choice of the Manbearpig cultists' choice of victim. They cry about how the third world is suffering because you drive an SUV and have kids who need to eat - and often point to the suffering in Africa. (Why is Africa suffering? Dictators and Western aid propping up dictators regimes... but I digress.) Why is the child not a dusky-colored urchin from the third world? Because that'd be rightfully viewed as horrifically racist and most importantly misanthropic.

So why is it a western-looking white child? Kids of the globally "priviledged" probably won't suffer from the effects of you driving an SUV - in fact they'll benefit from the quality of life improved by having a car to get them to soccer practice rather than being told to walk across town (and because Manbearpig is bullshit).

The point is to elicit an emotional response. Terrorizing children is their MO, as we saw with 10:10. This white western girl is clearly a beneficiary of the destruction wreaked by Manbearpig (in the eco-dalek ideology), so terrorizing her is a righteous act. She also represents the offspring of the target audience - Westerners who will abandon their reason in order to abandon the lives that they've built in order to give it to Manbearpig cultists who've done nothing but peddle an ideology.

It also belies a fundamental disconnect from what makes one group of people prosperous and another not so prosperous. Often the weaker nation is still developing - and needs a market to sell products to - the greater nation. Often the weaker nation is weaker because its development is stymied by its own self-destructive dictators/government. The leftist Manbearpig cultists and ecodaleks don't understand this. They can't understand this due to their ideology. They also can't understand that environmental stewardship is usually a luxury afforded to those who are wealthy. But I'm digressing...


Aside from being a visual agitation meant to say "do this or we'll kill your kids", it's also kinda funny. Perhaps because it's almost to the point of self parody, and looks a lot like this internet meme:

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