Sunday, October 31, 2010

Rally To Celebrate Snarkiness

Hotair has a piece about Reason TV visiting the Steven Colbert/John Stewart "Rally To Restore Sanity/Fear" in DC.

Taking it on face value, these people are the antithesis of what they claim to want.

The woman says "no Hitler mustaches"... except for Bush. That's okay.

The old man admits democrats have been in charge for two years, yet says "republicans blocked them". A supermajority in the senate for a year and change meant there was no blocking by the republicans. The old man probably even knows he's wrong, but needs his scapegoat.

The kids at the end argue that the way to get out of debt is to get out of more debt, much to the amusement of the Reason TV interviewer. The poor schmucks can't even come up with a way to make going further into debt to get out of debt sound good... because they're forced to think about it. Sanity may be restored there for a moment as they had to ponder exactly how to get out of debt - and how the entire rally is its own antithesis.

The folks at the rally sponsored by vapid clowns have their own positions shot down in a heartbeat in a matter of a couple simple questions. There's no easy answer out of it, there's not even a politician answer, there's no "context" to it, either.

To their credit, those folks at the rally who Reason talked to often try to respond honestly, but then find that their own positions are completely devoid of substance and logic.

Sanity is insanity. Logic is illogical. Ignorance is strength.

This is typical of the left. First use language to hide who/what you are, then use it as a weapon. Call yourself "reasonable" when you are anything but, and then ridicule the other side until they "compromise" which really means acquiescing to your demands... because, after all, you're the "reasonable" one.

5. "Ridicule is man's most potent weapon. It is almost impossible to counteract ridicule. Also it infuriates the opposition, which then reacts to your advantage."
- Saul Alinsky, Rules for Radicals

No matter what the liberal elitist with the "liberal elitist" shirt believes, her own positions are centered in ridicule. They call themselves "reasonable", when they are anything but, and ridicule those who are not like them - and therefore "unreasonable". It has nothing to do with being a "rational, reality-based, fact-finding, science-believing, correct-spelling, tolerant, peaceful, intelligent thinker." Someone who really is all of those things understands that more debt does not equal less debt.*

Someone who is elitist is by definition intolerant of others. They twist words to their opposites, and ridicule and shame the other side into believing they should conform. After all, the liberal elite knows what's best for you.

To quote Thomas Sowell from "The Vision of the Anointed":
"In their haste to be wiser and nobler than others, the anointed have misconceived two basic issues. They seem to assume (1) that they have more knowledge than the average member of the benighted and (2) that this is the relevant comparison. The real comparison, however, is not between the knowledge possessed by the average member of the educated elite versus the average member of the general public, but rather the total direct knowledge brought to bear though social processes (the competition of the marketplace, social sorting, etc.), involving millions of people, versus the secondhand knowledge of generalities possessed by a smaller elite group."

Or in musical form, back before BR got all lefty & silly:

Update: An Outsider's View of the Colbert/Stewart rally.
Very much worth reading to see a first-hand look a the rally and one person's experiences.

*Unless the party says it does. Then more debt equals less debt and then 2+2=5.

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