Monday, November 8, 2010

Economics by Mike In East Texas

For those who live outside the range of the Texas State Network's 1080 KRLD and who aren't awake during the overnight hours, you're missing out on on hell of a show. Texas Overnight runs between midnight and 4 AM CST, and is one of the most engaging, intelligent talk radio shows around.

Every Monday, Texas Overnight host Charley Jones has a guest on who's only identified as "Mike in East Texas", a self-described "forensic economist". Despite his folksy accent, Mike is exceptionally wise when it comes to economics, and breaks down the economic situation pretty well. His identity is a fairly well-kept secret, but what he has revealed is that his economic acumen led him to a remarkably productive career. He retired at some point and now shares information with Charley Jones' listeners.

The following is a two-hour discussion between Mike in East Texas and Charley Jones from 11/8/10.
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If you want some stunning insight on what's happened in the last few years, it's highly recommended. Give it a listen for a few minutes and you'll probably find yourself hooked.

(More Texas Overnight pieces with Mike can be found on the net, but if y'all would like, I'll dig them up every Monday that I can find them. Leave a note below.)


  1. mike in east texas is the nearest thing to hearing the truth about the economy as it gets.

  2. How could one hire Mike as a financial consultant

  3. Diane in Sierra MadreSeptember 4, 2011 at 5:40 PM

    We love Mike in East Texas, we listen live on the internet here in Sierra Madre. He has a fan club here.
    The guy is amazing.

  4. I know Mike in East Texas very well and can coordinate a meeting if you want. Reply with your email. He knows the IRS code like the back of his hand and was a mentor for many years.

    1. Even though I think the entire IRS system and taxing maze we have in this country should be thrown out, the point to knowing it so well is to get around all the tax law, commonly known as loopholes. Sounds like your Mike friend is a real stand up sort of guy. It does take a near genius to get out of paying taxes, but intelligence does not necessarily make a good person. His anonymity and your anonymity speak volumes about your character!

  5. Mike in east Texas is just an average guy who has learned the buzz words and LOVES to hear himself talk.
    Just listen to a few of his old podcasts and you soon see he isn't anymore knowledgable or accurate than any other self proclaimed know-it-all.
    He sure has Charlie fooled.