Sunday, January 9, 2011

Leftist Lies and The Arizona Shooting

With luck, Arizona Democrat Representative Gabrielle Giffords will pull through and make as best a recovery as possible; as will the rest of the wounded. With time, the wounds left by the loss of the dead will heal.

But the wounds that are now opened and the lies that are now being spread are getting pretty bad in the realm of the living - the left is taking full advantage of Rahm Emmanuel's "Never let a good crisis go to waste" mentality, while violently erasing their own history.

Hillbuzz has a roundup here.

Michelle Malkin's roundup here.

On January 6th, the leftist blog DailyKos had a post entitled "My CongressWOMAN voted Against Nancy Pelosi! And is now DEAD to me!"
This has since been erased by the DailyKos.

While the left is condemning a map with "targeted districts" made up by Palin's camp that included Giffords' district - indicating it was vulnerable, as Giffords is a Blue Dog Democrat; the left is hiding its own history of such imagery:
Done by democrats.

Note that many of these items are being deleted and scrubbed from leftist websites, and in some instances even the google caches have been deleted and scrubbed. This is nothing new to the left.
Uncle Joe was editing history long before DailyKos.

It's something indicative of a group that can't stand up to criticism. The left is rabidly violent, and indeed the demented killer in AZ shares many points with the left - and was identified by those who knew him as being a rabid leftist.

The killer was a left wing pothead, according to those who knew him. But much like the leftist who flew his plane into the Austin, TX, IRS building, or the Jihadist who shot up Fort Hood - the left will simply write a counternarrative of lies and blame their usual targets and violently ignore reality. What doesn't fit with what they want, simply does not exist. Any information to the contrary must be destroyed. Stalin would be proud.

Let's hear it for democrats preaching civility!

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