Monday, January 10, 2011

Let's Hear it for Civility, Leftists

While the left is up in arms about this graphic:
Looks kinda like the Democrat one from yesterday, huh?

I'm sure they're also doing things to foster the civility they're talking about. Like with this "Kill Sarah Palin" Facebook Group:
Lets hear it for civility, leftists!
A bit bigger, showing members and creator.

This is the creator's FB page link at the bottom:
Elliot Parker

And his base FB page from the link:

Since I'm one of those cavemen still without facebook, I can't pull up any more of these pages, but they're screencapped for posterity.

Here's some members* (see update), with screenshots:
Kenstasia Falcon
Bart AlfvoetPatrick LearyRon HughesChristina-Jackson-Lewis

Update: *After JBH took a look at the FB side of the house, a couple of the members of the page seem to joining it just to report the page. Seems like a dumb thing to do, attaching your name to a call for assassination of a public figure (or private figure, for that matter), even if it is just to report it.

Update 2: As of 0310 CST, the page is erased - gone, down the memory hole. It's still acknowledged by Google Cache as existing:

Update 3: Anon @ 2:54 mentions that 9 out of 10 times you need to join a Facebook group to see it. This one not so. As I mentioned up above, I'm not on Facebook (yes, I know, I'm a dinosaur) - this was pretty much public for all to see - except for the friends/members list. Also, the group was at about 70 to just below 90 members the whole time I was screencapping it - there were many members who were there to stay.

Wayne @ 5:33 asks if there are any more screencaps of members. JBH said he went in (he's not a dinosaur, and has a FB login) and took some screenshots of the full group itself - hopefully he'll be able to post a few at some point soon. There are also still apparently a few that can be viewed in the Google Cache - screencaps below in case they disappear, too:
Jarrad Winter
KGem-Hologram - funny, you'd think she'd be apolitical
David Leonard
Sam Spennell


  1. It's not a "dumb thing to do." With Facebook, 9 times out of 10 you have to join a page in order to see it. It doesn't necessarily imply agreement or support in any way.

  2. When one sees what a group is and stays in it, that surely does imply agreement or support in every way.

  3. Negative. Staying in it allows you to remain apprised of what it's up to.